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Composer, Twig, Install from Console

I think the most interesting will be for those who know what Composer is:



Also, in the Extras module Composer was added - it makes it possible to install the necessary libraries without the command line (although there is a limitation that requires 256M of memory). 

Well, the Twig template has been added which can now be installed in a couple of clicks :) More precisely what is Twig and why it is needed in EVO read here: http://modx.im/blog/docs/5602.html Just a little updated the appearance of the admin: - Just above the hat + logo in it - Dark theme by default - Global default tabs - The setting item is sent to the rightmost corner so that the length of the user name does not shift it. 

Also, I bring to your attention the first new topic for versions 1.4+ as a whole part of it has already migrated to the default theme, well, the entry form will be rewritten in the release 1.5.0




List of all changes:

  • - php cli-install.php --database_server = localhost --database = db --database_user = dbuser --database_password = dbpass - table_prefix = evo_ --cmsadmin = admin --cmsadminemail=dmi3yy@gmail.com --cmspassword = 123456 --language = en --mode = new --installData = n --removeInstall = y (dmi3yy)
  • run install file (dmi3yy) - Install Evo from console: (https://monosnap.com/file/Tj21cmlMhZXNJdRXfKBLAvTlJcElkJ) (dmi3yy)
  • - fix for use html tags in name (dmi3yy)
  • - [F] # 577 Fix "undefined index" -notice (Deesen)
  • - [C] # 577 TinyMCE4 code clean-up (Deesen)
  • - fix (document.parser.class.inc.php) sendStrictURI (Ruslan) - modernize default theme (Serg) - Globat Tabs by Default On (dmi3yy)
  • - add .tpl for create file from filemanager (dmi3yy) - correct getTpl (Serg) - add composer.json (dmi3yy) - fix lang error (dmi3yy)
  • - update DocLister and FormLister (dmi3yy) - fix escapeshellar disabled for security reason (dmi3yy)
  • - Update english.inc.php (Mr B)
  • - Update mainmenu.php (Mr B)
  • - fix # 559 Zend OPcache API is restricted by "restrict_api" configuration directive (Pathologic)
  • - fix # 563 Error when upgrading to 'phpmailer sender property' commit (Pathologic)
  • - phpmailer sender property (Pathologic)
  • - fix only variables can be passed by reference (Pathologic)
  • - log only public properties of MODxMailer (Pathologic)

You can download here: https://github.com/evolution-cms/evolution/releases/tag/1.4.2

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