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How to Start Posting with Evolution CMS Mini-Blogs

Setting up a mini-blog is relatively simple. Here's what you need to do to get started with making new posts:

  1. Download and Install Evolution CMS to your webserver.
  2. Login to the Evolution CMS Control Panel.
  3. Press the plus-sign next to the Blog(2) container resource to see the blog entries posted there.
  4. To make a new Blog entry, simply right-click the Blog container document and choose the "Create Resource here" menu option. To edit an existing blog article, right click the entry and choose the "Edit Resource" menu option.
  5. Write or edit the content and press save, making sure the document is published.
  6. Everything else is automatic; you're done!

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Reply #7 on : Fri September 22, 2017, 13:43:03
Posts: 2
Reply #6 on : Mon October 09, 2006, 22:28:01
In this setup the Site Admins group is defined as being the moderator for this particular comment view. These users will have extra moderation options

Manager users, Moderators or Trusted users can post bad words like: dotNet.
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Reply #5 on : Mon October 09, 2006, 22:18:07
Comments posted when only logged in as a manager user will use your manager name.

Moderators options are always shown when you are logged in as manager user.
Posting when logged in
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Reply #4 on : Mon October 09, 2006, 22:15:10
When you are logged in your own posts have a special color so you can easily spot them from the comment view.

The form also does not display any guest fields when logged in.
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